Thoughts on Apple

Where do we begin with this!?

As a long time supporter of Apple, like since the 1980’s, I’m beginning to feel it’s time to move on. They’ve lost it, totally!

Where to begin!? USB-C or Thunderbolt3!?. What is it!? Is it one port, is it two different ports? Why in the marketing do they refer to them almost as separate things? As I understand it they are the same plug? Is this right? Do they expect the general public to understand what these are, the benefits of that as a solution, or what the difference is? I’ve tried explaining it to my wife and she glazes over.

Why loose MagSafe? That’s such a key laptop feature. Why not have MagSafe built into the USB-C port? If not that, why not build MagSafe into the powerblock end of the cable!? It’ll still serve the same process but clearly ‘clever’ features have been removed from the priority list for Apple.

The little charging light on the MagSafe connector, that was clever. That’s gone too.

What’s the complete obsession with the thickness of the laptop? No really? It can be as thin as you want, but it’s still the size of the screen and keyboard etc. If we’re loosing ports and clever features, we can only assume this is reducing Apple’s costs, but are they passing that cost saving on to the public?

So changing screen brightness or volume levels when your TouchBar doesn’t show those? I have music playing in the background from another App, but my foreground App doesn’t have volume levels displayed, now my Function keys are gone. So I have to switch Apps, just to change volume.

The ‘Pro’ feature is now the headphone audio jack!!? No really!!??? Is that seriously right!!?

MacPro updates? What’s going on there!? There haven’t been any, ever.
iMac updates? What’s going on there!!? Rubbish is what I say!

Airport and its useful coherent line of home wifi products that I’ve relied on for so many years, gone. So now I have to find another manufacturer to replace these? That’s rubbish.

Apple monitors, gone. I’ve relied on those for years too. Rubbish!

Apple Watch. They want me to pay hundreds of pounds extra for straps, but exactly the same watch, like exactly the same watch! Rubbish!

And to end it all, my 5 year-old Macbook Pro15inch boots more than twice as quick into Windows 8 than MacOS Sierra! In fact booting into Sierra is so painfully slow that I can hardly believe it.

The recent big event “Hello Again”. Seriously what was that all about!??! The two previous occasions that marketing strap was used was for the original Macintosh and then the original iMac, both heralding a new era for desktop computing. We got a laptop refresh this time around. Seriously!!?? Rubbish!!

The clever illuminated Apple logo on the top of the laptops, gone. It’s almost weird.

Time to breath….. and move on from Apple products…