Summer Road Trip to Norway:

Day 14: Drive to Kristiansand

These photos are all at Kristiansand. These two are at the beach by the campsite.

We were feeding the sparrows.

Kristiansand old town centre.

WWII gun implacement overlooking the bay.


Day 13: Long drive to about an hour north of Kristiansand.


Day 12: Trollveggan to somewhere a little north of Voss.

Cruise ships at Geirangerfjord

Then rain from the highest viewpoint we could drive to overlooking Geiranger.

Strange cloud forming below, along the road we’re about to drive on.

Tonights view from the camper, with heavy rain.


Day 11: Day at Trollveggan and walk up Romsdalseggen.

Back at the campsite.


Day 10: Drive to Trollveggan and the big mountain road.

This is us at the top of the mountain road, not looking forward to the drive back down. More pics to come.

These are views of the mountains surrounding our campsite.

The river passing below the campsite we didn’t realise is ok to swim in, at the right place.


Day 9: Ålesund and along the Atlantic Road


Day 8: Early morning start at Kinsarvik heading north to Ålesund.


Alli’s pics:-


Day 7: Staying in Kinsarvik


Day 6: Drive to Kinsarvik


Day 5: Preikestolen- The very big rock outcrop



Day 4: First full day in Norway travelling from near the port Kristiansand to Preikestolen near Stavanger.




Day 3: Denmark to Norway

These were taken at Skagen in the very top right hand corner of Denmark. The land comes to an end on a long sand dune, on the map where the Goth of Gothenburg is.



Day 2: Holland to Denmark



Day 1: Cardiff to the ferry at Harwich

Arrived in Harwich

On the ferry




So we’re now definitely on our way!!

At last!