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Holt Castle 3D Flythrough

Just delivered an animation for the Castle Studies Trust, check out their website at – 3D model by Chris Jones-Jenkins, animation, materials, textures, lighting by me – Video link here – Link to Animation  

Trying out 3D Printing

Here’s an initial render of some designs I’ve been trying out as 3D prints. I’ve had a couple of samples already printed and I’m now waiting on a few more to be delivered to see how the process is working out. Have a look at my 3d printing page for more images and updates.  …


DNA strands created for a recent S4C programme, which will be shown again later in the year. This was an early test to see how tricky it would be to build, style and animate.

Tank Tracks

Working with ICE in Softimage, I’ve developed a tracks animating system. This image is from a test I’ve been working on that includes some smoke effects rendered with Exocortex Fury. Here are links to two tests on Vimeo:- Tank Tracks test 1 Tank Tracks test 2