Author: Chris3d

Boats at Mevagissey

I particularly liked this shot, first posted on Instagram, so thought it deserved a posting on here too. As usual this was taken on my iPhone 5S and edited using Snapseed. The depth-of-field effect is the Lens Blur effect, which used to be called Tilt-Shift in previous versions of Snapseed.

Holt Castle 3D Flythrough

Just delivered an animation for the Castle Studies Trust, check out their website at – 3D model by Chris Jones-Jenkins, animation, materials, textures, lighting by me – Video link here – Link to Animation  

Latest 3D print project

These Lego bricks are really small, so I was trying to see actually how small the printing process would allow them to be. This is actually 3 bricks merged into 1 model, so I’m not sure how it’ll be printed, as three separate models or one interconnecting model, as in the render.