Author: Chris3d

Matterport Testing

Here’s a first experiment with testing the Matterport iPhone app. Slightly clunky in places and it looks like there’s no way to edit the images once captured. ie I’d like to remove myself from the mirror but I think they want everything to be as automated as possible for people who aren’t familiar with photo-editing…

Starting to get excited by the possibilities of Blender

Some testing for rendering in Blender. More of this to come soon plus some other work undertaken in Blender which shows how amazing the open-source software really is. Rendered with Cycles. Room interiors appear to be tricky to render without flickering, so sampling needs to be turned up high, extending rending times quite significantly.

Boot Stand

I was asked by a friend if I’d make them a boot stand, not something I’d done before, so here’s the result. Made from 8 oak spindles, each individually turned on the lathe, on a tapered oak base which makes the spindles angle outwards nicely. It has four rounded oak drawer handles as feet and…