Month: June 2015

Latest 3D print project

These Lego bricks are really small, so I was trying to see actually how small the printing process would allow them to be. This is actually 3 bricks merged into 1 model, so I’m not sure how it’ll be printed, as three separate models or one interconnecting model, as in the render.

Three Cliffs Bay

We took a drive to the Gower and did the walk along the river to Three Cliffs Bay. As Instagram isn’t so good at displaying panoramic shots, I thought I’d see what they look like on here:-


I hurt my back last week lifting two very heavy cups of tea. Thought I should try a quick bike ride to see how it feels. Wasn’t too bad. These shots were taken along the route. The first is the footbridge over the Taff at Radyr, and the second is under Gabalfa Flyover.