Month: May 2015

Milk Petition

Sign the petition to force supermarkets to charge a sensible price for the milk they sell, started by me:-  

Pixelated Me

Slightly sinister, an image I was going to use as my Instagram profile pic, but decided not to in the end. Not much more to say than that really. this was simply created in Photoshop and then manually edited.

Tank Tracks

Working with ICE in Softimage, I’ve developed a tracks animating system. This image is from a test I’ve been working on that includes some smoke effects rendered with Exocortex Fury. Here are links to two tests on Vimeo:- Tank Tracks test 1 Tank Tracks test 2  

Cones Photo

These were some cones we’ve been collecting and drying out in a dark place. I took this photo to post on Instagram and found some interesting colour variations when pushing the saturation. This is edited in Snapseed, photo was taken on iPhone 6S.